Paddy Martin Musician


Patrick began his musical journey learning bagpipes from his dad while at a young age 6-7, (Patrick senior helped to form a local pipe band having learned whilst in England ) It was in this band that the young Patrick was introduced to Uilleann pipes by Piper Donal Duffy, and he went on to attend lessons with Padraig Donlon….

….Patrick continued to play and compete with pipe bands throughout his teens and twenties but was developing a strong interest in the Uilleann pipes after hearing legends such as Liam O’Flynn and Davy Spillane.

Patrick also explored reed making to help maintain his pipes and he now supplies a number of Uilleann pipers when a need arises.

He loves both Highland and Uilleann pipes and plays both instruments professionally and at a high level. The Highland Bagpipe has a strong association with Scotland and at special occasions provide a powerful emotional impact , in capable hands they are a versatile and beautiful instrument.

The Uilleann Pipes are increasingly popular. Last December UNESCO included Uilleann Piping on its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This important global accolade reflects heritage cultural practices that are considered to enrich all of humanity. UNESCO has now agreed that Irish Uilleann Piping – often referred to as ” the sound of Ireland “- merits this recognition.

Patrick cites playing with shows such as Riverdance and the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland – with whom he was a soloist for many years- as his standout musical achievements to date. The orchestra performed to sell-out audiences throughout California, New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Rome and London where Patrick’s Pipes and whistles had a starring role along with other top Irish performers.

In addition Patrick enjoys playing various flutes, guitars, even bouzouki and bodhran. ..he has an interest in singing (folk/ pop/rock) having studied for a time with Aoife McCann…..admittedly it isn’t easy to get out regularly on every instrument but his hopes are to combine everything on an album in the near future.