Paddy Martin Musician

Leinster bagpiping solos

24th March 2018: I took part in the Leinster solos today in bagpiping, though it had been almost ten or so years since my last solo outing. I achieved 3rd place in the msr and placed 1st in the open grade which was slow air, hornpipe and jig. Came away with a few small issues to work on, but was very pleased with some judges comments: “superb musicality bringing out the emotion of the melody, matched by a harmonically correct instrument.”
Jig: forcing the rhythm a little for my liking but managed to keep control. Excellent finger technique. Bagpipe exactly as it should be – drones & chanter fully complimenting each other. ”

It was a nice days piping and a pretty good competition with some nice pipes to be heard . I’ve always liked a well played and well set-up bagpipe, it’s a fine instrument that unfortunately gets a bad name sometimes.